At Overseer we work in a dynamic and agile way to developing Overseer software and the underlying science models.

We use a ‘product backlog’ – a list of everything that needs to be worked on to improve the software over the next few months. The phrase ‘backlog’ is an agile project management term. The backlog is dynamic and constantly changes as the software and the environment in which it will be used evolves. The backlog lists the name and description of changes required, the value of these to Overseer users and what state the change is in.

2019-05-27 Overseer Development Backlog (PDF 540KB) 

As work progresses, the backlog is reviewed and reprioritised based on what is understood at the time. The Overseer software development backlog is published on this page and updated regularly, to share what we are working on.

Because it can take some time to incorporate new science and modelling into Overseer, we have created the graphic below to describes the steps that we go through and how these can be characteristed. Each item in the Science backlog is represented by a coloured box and moves from the bottom to the top. Once released into production it is removed from the backlog.