Overseer has a long history of supporting nutrient management and farm system research. We have developed OverseerSci, which enables scientists and researchers to engage in the development of the Overseer model and undertake farm system science and research. OverseerSci is currently in beta testing and we will let you know on this website and in our newsletter when it’s ready. Please get in touch at info@overseer.org.nz if you are interested. 

The Overseer science model is based on extensive published scientific research and innovative modelling, led by David Wheeler at AgResearch Limited. 

Visit Science Papers for an extensive list of conference proceedings and peer-reviewed science papers published on Overseer. Other technical documents are listed below.

Technical Notes

Overseer Technical Manual Chapters (ISSN: 2253-461X)

These Technical Manual Chapters present the science modelling. Refer to the Introduction for a comprehensive overview. The chapters are updated as needed when new model versions are released.

Overseer Peer Review Reports