OVERSEER helps farmers improve their farm's productivity and environmental sustainability.

Much like a financial budget, a nutrient budget tells you how much is coming in and how much is going out and to where. This information can be used to determine:

  • How efficiently nutrients are being used on a farm
  • What fertiliser is needed to maintain farm soil fertility
  • Expected nutrient and greenhouse gas losses to the environment
  • The likely impacts of changes in farm management practices or farm systems.

OVERSEER models most farm systems including dairy, sheep, beef, deer, goats, kiwifruit, apples, grapes, avocados, peaches and
seed, grain and some vegetable crops.

We think OVERSEER is the smart way to manage farm nutrients and greenhouse gas emissions. Download a copy of the OVERSEER brochure to find out more.

OVERSEER also calculates farm greenhouse gas emissions


Agriculture contributes almost half of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (49% of emissions were from agriculture in 2014).
OVERSEER helps users identify the major sources of GHG losses on farms. It calculates farm-level emissions, based on the New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory methodology, reporting on a per-hectare and per-product basis.
GHG emissions from farms are not regulated in New Zealand. However, there is growing pressure on farmers and growers to manage emissions. In response, some New Zealand farms include GHG management strategies in their farm plans.

OVERSEER helps with fertiliser requirements


Maintaining farm soil fertility is critical to sustaining plant (and therefore animal) growth.

OVERSEER calculates the nutrients needed to maintain a farm’s current soil fertility. Users can then use this information to create a fertiliser management plan.

OVERSEER’s value to New Zealand

The benefits for the New Zealand agricultural sector from using OVERSEER are valued at $271 million (per year). This value was estimated in an independent report by agricultural economist Phil Journeaux.

The benefits include significant cost and time savings in improving farm fertiliser application, farm nutrient management and agricultural research.