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OVERSEER: great farming backed by science 

OVERSEER is New Zealand software that enables farmers and growers to improve nutrient use on farms, delivering better environmental outcomes and better farm profitability. 
First developed in the 1980s, OVERSEER is now an essential farming tool, founded on decades of scientific investment.

Some of these photos were supplied by the Fertiliser Association of New Zealand and AgResearch Limited.

What's New

New Overseer FM software to be launched soon

Our new Overseer Farm Modelling (Overseer FM) is on track for release in the next few weeks. The new software is much more user friendly, and will deliver results that are more useful for both farmers and regulators.
We've made the changes following extensive consultation with the sector, with the ambition to ensure Overseer meets your changing needs and can continue to support great farming decisions grounded in science. More information soon.


OVERSEER update to version 6.3.0

OVERSEER version 6.3.0 has been released, providing performance, modelling and data entry improvements and the addition of Outdoor Pigs.

User guides are available alongside the release notes and updated Best Practice Data Input Standards on MyOverseer

Welcome to Carly and Alastair

We’re delighted to welcome two new members of our team: Alastair Taylor has come on board as Business Development Manager, and Carly Sluys is our new Customer Services Specialist.
Read more about our new team on the Our People page


OVERSEER can be used as either an Online or a Standalone (desktop installed) application. To use either, first register with MyOVERSEER.

If you want to use the OVERSEER Online application, register with MyOVERSEER and tick Yes to indicate you want us to set up an OVERSEER Online account for you.

If you want to use the OVERSEER Standalone application, you only require a MyOVERSEER account and you can install the application from the MyOVERSEER dashboard.

MyOVERSEER and OVERSEER Online accounts are free to set up and use.


MyOVERSEER is specifically for users of OVERSEER. It is where you access the OVERSEER applications and engage with us about using it and includes:

  • A dashboard for important notices and updates
  • A support page with a search engine for users to look up problems they might be having
  • A helpdesk to contact technical support
  • The release notes, data standards and user guides
  • Technical information including details about the model engine