Overseer is a powerful decision support tool that helps farmers and growers to improve their farm's environmental and economic sustainability.

The tool provides you with a picture of your farms nutrient performance - including how much and where you are loosing nutrients through leaching and greenhouse gas emissions.

By using Overseer, you can see:
  • How efficiently nutrients are being used on a farm
  • Expected nutrient and greenhouse gas losses to the environment
  • The likely impacts of changes in farm management practices or farm systems.
The real value from Overseer comes when it is used as a decision-making aid. It allows farmers and their advisers to test the potential impacts of different approaches both as part of increasing efficiency on farm or when assessing making significant changes to the system or even in changing enterprises.

Every farm is different, and the right solution will be different for each farm too.

Overseer models most farm systems including dairy, sheep, beef, deer, goats, pigs, kiwifruit, apples, grapes, avocados, peaches and
seed, grain and some vegetable crops.