OverseerFM is new software that maximises the value of Overseer analyses for farms.  The FM stands for Farm Modelling - and sits the Farm at the centre of the software.

OverseerFM software:

saves time by making it easier to enter and share data - to avoid unnecessary duplication
supports more consistent and more accurate analyses through everyone working from the same base farm information and through separating different types of analyses
creates greater engagement with farmers through presenting results in more meaningful ways (like showing trends over time)
offers greater data security and control through farmer-based permissions and central storage

How it works 

OverseerFM is specifically designed for farmers and the professional support services that support farmers with their nutrient management and environmental compliance.
Anyone can register for OverseerFM, but only those who have permission can access Farm Accounts to undertake farm modelling. 
Scientists and researchers need to continue to use the legacy OVERSEER Nutrient Budgets software until we have our new OverseerScience software available later this year.


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Using OverseerFM

To register, go to fm.overseer.org.nz, and you'll find user guides and information sheets once you register.  
For those of you with existing Overseer farm files - these can be uploaded into a Farm Account in OverseerFM, but they need to be in v.6.2.3 or v. 6.3.0. 
Please note, use of OverseerFM is subject to new Terms and Privacy Policy, which you will be asked to read and accept when you register.
Users can continue to use the legacy OVERSEER Nutrient Budgets for a period, but the application will be discontinued in the first half of 2019.           



OverseerFM is currently available for free for six months, but we will be charging an annual subscription per farm account from January 2019.

Using OverseerFM for compliance

The centralised farm account in OverseerFM replaces the XML files in the legacy product. 

Like submitting tax information from online accounting software OverseerFM allows users to provide information to councils as required - this is done through using the "publication" button and publishing a specific analysis to the chosen Council (or other organisation).

We have been working closely with Regional Councils in the development of the new software and to allow them to consider changes they may need to make in their processes.

If you would like further information, please contact your Regional Council directly.