Finding professional advice 

OVERSEER requires a sound knowledge of farm systems and an understanding of how the science model works to generate reliable budgets.  
We strongly recommend seeking advice from a trained professional when creating a budget that will influence your farming decisions.

Finding an accredited adviser

The industry has developed the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme  in response to the growing need for sound advice on nutrient management, including producing OVERSEER nutrient budgets and scenarios. This programme certifies individual advisers using a transparent set of industry standards.
The  website  has a list of individual advisers and their contact details.
Nutrient budgets required for industry reporting or compliance purposes may require this certification or a similar level of training or experience.


How can I learn more? 

A good first step is to read the Technical Description of OVERSEER that provides a general summary of the tool and its science engine for people new to OVERSEER.
We are also developing a new user interface to improve the tool’s usability and will provide training material for this.

Courses that provide training in using OVERSEER

Comprehensive training for regular users of OVERSEER is available through the Sustainable Nutrient Management courses provided by the Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre at Massey University. The two courses – intermediate and advanced – are the foundation of the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme.

Massey University, Lincoln University and Waikato University include OVERSEER as a part of their undergraduate agricultural degree courses.