How can I learn more? 

OVERSEER Limited offers an introductory course in OVERSEER. This provides an overview of why and how OVERSEER is used, a high-level understanding of how the model engine works and principles in how to use it. For details or to register interest please contact us. Up-coming training courses will be advertised on the website. 

Sustainable Nutrient Management Short Courses

More comprehensive training for those using OVERSEER regularly is available through the sustainable nutrient management courses provided by the Fertiliser and Lime Research Centre. These courses use OVERSEER to illustrate principles in nutrient management.

Massey University, Lincoln University and Waikato University include OVERSEER as a part of their undergraduate agricultural degree courses.

Finding advice

OVERSEER uses information available on farm and nutrient budgets can be created by anyone with an understanding of farm systems and OVERSEER data input requirements. The generation of "what if" scenarios requires expertise in the data requirements of OVERSEER and a good understanding of the impacts of changes in farm practices on production, which can be provided by trained professionals. Nutrient budgets required for industry reporting or compliance purposes may also have requirements around who can produce them.

In response to the growing need for advice around nutrient management, including producing OVERSEER nutrient budgets and scenarios, a Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme has been established. This programme certifies individual advisers using a transparent set of industry standards.