The Overseer science model is based on extensive published scientific research and innovative modelling, led by David Wheeler at AgResearch Limited. 

Click HERE for an extensive list of conference proceedings and peer-reviewed science papers. Other technical documents are listed below.


Technical Notes

Technical Note 9 - August 2015: Characteristics of Supplements (6.2.0)

Technical Note 8 - June 2015: Soil Moisture Values (6.2.0)

Technical Note 7 - April 2015: Irrigation Upgrade: 6.2.0

Overseer Technical Note 5 - August 2012: Changes to the pastoral N model.

Overseer Technical Note 3 - 5 July: Supplementary feeds/fodder crops in OVERSEER® Nutrient Budgets

Overseer Science Model Technical Manual Chapters (ISSN: 2253-461X)

Overseer Science Model Peer Review Reports